Fanny Packs and the 90s

29 May

I personally have not used a fanny pack since the 90s.  I absolutely refuse to.  The only person who has ever managed to make a fanny pack look somewhat fashionable has been Carrie Bradshaw.  The question is why do most people abhor fanny packs so much?  They are convenient, and perfect for holding wallets, keys, etc. when traveling, going to an amusement park (think upside down coasters), biking/hiking, or even when going to Walmart (just kidding about the last one).

Why the hate?  I think it’s because they look ridiculous.  They are bags attached to your waist.  When I was younger, I hated using fanny packs because after pulling my shirt over them in an attempt to conceal my money during field trips, they made me and all my classmates look like we had potbellies.

Fanny packs are an undeniably “American” thing to wear.  It is embarrassing to wear them when traveling, and frankly I will take my chances with pickpockets going after my purse before I use a fanny pack.   Fanny packs scream “tourist” almost as much as necklace wallets they sell at the airport, with the only difference being that the necklaces are not visible to everyone.


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