Starbucks and Mac-head Annoyingness

29 May

I strongly dislike going to Starbucks.  It is not so much their overpriced, fattening lattes or the overcrowding that makes me dislike them; it is the Mac-heads.  All of you know or may be a Mac-head.

Let me describe a Mac-head to you… A Mac-head…:

– thinks Steve Jobs is God

-most likely does not understand how to run basic functions on their computers, which is why they have resorted to using Macs (NOTE: This does not apply to ALL Mac-heads!  but many of them do fall under this category)

-likes computers for “prettyness” more than functionality

-will buy anything and everything that Apple releases, including the junk reduced functionality iPad

-has been fooled to think that Macs and only Macs run virus-free (Linux anyone?), and that ALL Windows computers are full of viruses (the last time I had a legitimate virus on Windows was in 2005)

-thinks the iphone is the best thing since sliced bread (the droid is far superior, sorry people)

Now, no offense to anyone who needs a Mac for the sake of editing pictures and videos; in those respects, the Mac is the best choice.  But most people I have seen buying Macs are people who only need basic browsing and emailing functions.  Why spend $1000 on overpriced, outdated hardware, when you can spend half that amount on an up-to-date Windows-based laptop?


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