EASY How to install Dual Boot Linux/Windows

30 May

Do you like both Linux and Windows and want to run both?  Here is an easy, straight-forward, step by step guide on how to do so.

If you want to start off clean and reinstall operating systems:


1. First, decide which Linux distribution you like most.  I prefer Ubuntu for its user-friendliness, and constant updates every 6 months.  You can download Ubuntu’s ISO image from here:


2. Use a program like ImgBurn to burn the ISO image to a CD-R.  You can download ImgBurn from here:


Upon installing ImgBurn, start the program and choose “write image file to disc.”  Place a CD-R disc in your drive and select the correct “destination drive” you want to burn the image to.   Next to “source”, browse for the Ubuntu ISO.  Finally, click on the giant disc to burn the image.

3. Go to your PC manufacturer’s website to download any appropriate drivers, especially for wireless networking, and back them up to a cd (you can use ImgBurn for this too).

4. Get the appropriate Windows installation disc.  For example, if you want Windows XP, get a Windows XP disc, or if you want Windows 7, buy that disc from Microsoft (no one wants Vista).


5. Insert the disc into your computer’s DVD/CD drive and start the computer.  Assuming the computer’s BIOS has been set to boot the disc drive first (usually the case unless you have changed something), a screen will come up asking you if you’d like to install Windows.  Follow through the instructions, and make the appropriate selections to install Windows.

This will take ~2 hours.

6. Next, restart the computer and insert the Ubuntu/Linux disc into the DVD/CD drive.

Follow through the instructions.

Note: It is important to install Windows/have Windows installed BEFORE installing LINUX or else you will not get the dual boot screen when turning on your computer.


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