13 things to do on Memorial Day.

31 May

Are you hard pressed for finding some fun Memorial Day activities?  Here is a list of stuff to do:

1. Have a BBQ/grill at home and invite neighbors and friends.

2. Rent a soldier-based movie, like “Dear John.”

3. Go down to the city for a day (especially if you live in a major metropolitan area like DC).  There are bound to be some fun activities.

4. Watch the new Sex and the City 2 movie.

5. Watch a movie in 3D involving big green ogres.

6. Volunteer at Veteran Affairs.

7. Thank a veteran.

8. Go shopping.  There are some great discounts today.

9. Watch a parade.

10. Go to a restaurant.

11. Go to a local park and have lunch with friends and family.  Parks have playgrounds, and are free, making them great for kids and your wallet.

12. Visit the beach.

13. Go fishing.


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