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I’ma CHRIS BROWN dat MJ Tribute

30 Jun

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On Sunday, 6/27/10, Chris Brown gave a tribute to Michael Jackson at the BET Awards.

Chris Brown, the physically abusive ex of Rihanna, gave a tribute to Michael Jackson, a man who had come from a crazy abusive home.  WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE???

What I don’t get is how quickly people forgave an abusive person like Chris Brown.  He didn’t just slap Rihanna.  He beat the LIVING CRAP out of her.  How is he still singing???  How is he still signed to a record label???  Why the F would BET even ask an abusive person to do a tribute for MJ?  They might as well have spit on MJ’s grave.  That was the utmost sign of disrespect.

What message does this send to children?  The BET Awards should have just made a segment explaining to kids watching how it’s ok to support and give multiple chances to a lowlife who BEATS YOU TO THE POINT OF DEATH.

At the time, Chris Brown was sentenced to 6 months of community service.  AND NOW HE’S DOING MJ TRIBUTES WTF.

THIS IS NOT OK. He should be IN JAIL.
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iPhone 4 Antenna Issues? this is why the Droid >>>> iPhone 4

30 Jun

The recently released iPhone 4 is already having issues.  Users have experienced poor reception, weak signals, and dropped calls.  Left-handed people are much more prone to dropped signals as their hands tend to cover the left corner of the iPhone.

After many users spent several hours in line, waiting for the iPhone’s release, and have shelled out $200-300 for the phone alone, what is Apple’s solution?  To hold the phone in a “correct way” to minimize chances of losing a signal.

A solution iPhone users have discovered involves taping parts of the antenna.

********************THE DROID WINS AGAIN********************

I can only imagine iPhone 4 users must be PISSED:

Katy Perry and Lady Gaga Feud

29 Jun

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Recently, Katy Perry made a tweet that “blasphemy as entertainment is as cheap as a comedian making fart jokes.” This was in reference to Lady Gaga’s most recent “Alejandro” video, which combined Catholic imagery with sex. Katy Perry has a lot of nerve to call Gaga’s art “cheap.” PERRY is the straight girl who made a song about how she “Kissed a Girl and Liked It.” She also recently posed topless for Esquire. And SHE’S calling GAGA CHEAP????!!!!!
I would also like to point out how a majority of Katy Perry’s fans tend to be men who are obsessed with her chest size. Considering that is how she has derived her popularity with ALL of her male fans (except maybe the gay dudes), WHO IS THE CHEAP ONE NOW???
Gaga’s videos are ART! If Katy Perry can’t handle that, then she is not cut out for pop music and the return of GLAM.
By the way, I have heard that Katy Perry’s fiance, Russell Brand makes LOADS of fart jokes; so many that she even tweets about it. Katy Perry needs to stop being jealous of Gaga.  For Gaga, when it comes to interviews, SHE KEEPS THINGS CLASSY. Katy Perry, on the other hand, talks about THREE-WAYS. In ten yrs, Perry will be forgotten. In ten yrs, Gaga will be a legend.
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Rihanna’s world: The world just took a hit of ACID and turned GAY…

28 Jun

Rude Boy Video:

This video is like Lion King… ON CRACK!!! It is like an ADD person’s DREAM COME TRUE!!! I think she was trying to be edgy like Gaga, but NO ONE IS LIKE GAGA! I like her hair in this video.

Te Amo:

Rihanna is a LESBIAN in this video. I am speechless… I have nothing else left to say…

“Huge” – a show that says it’s ok to be obese = WTF

28 Jun

Huge is a new TV series on ABC Family with a bunch of obese teenagers who have been sent to the camp to lose weight. The lead character, Will (played by Nikki Blonsky), refuses to lose weight and says she is “ok” with her size. She also leads an underground candy/junk food ring, causing other people to stay overweight too.

Being the exercise and health food nazi that I am, I have SEVERAL issues with this show. First of all, WTF. America is already obese enough as is. The LAST thing obese people need is a TV show telling them that their weight is OK. AHHHHHHHHHH!!! IT’S NOT OK!!! THEY NEED TO BECOME HEALTHIER!!!

And it’s not like the people on this show are slightly over their BMI… they are GROSSLY OBESE. Obesity is the most preventable cause of health issues in America. It leads to heart disease, type II diabetes, and an early death. This is the first time in history that the current generation of Americans may NOT OUTLIVE THEIR PARENTS. Health experts attribute this issue to OBESITY. And although BMI is not perfect, I would say it gives an accurate weight range people should be within.

Let me just say that losing weight is not easy… initially. But after about a month or two of regular exercise and weight training, it becomes a lot easier and the weight just starts coming off. Endocrine problems exist but they are rare.
I think that ABC Family has acted irresponsibly in allowing a show like this. The show should be about how the obese want to get more fit and down to a healthy weight, NOT how they’d like to stay overweight and do absolutely NO EXERCISE because they “like the way” they look. Whether or not someone likes being overweight doesn’t matter, but the HEALTH ISSUES do. Additionally, I’m guessing they made the actors/actresses on this show gain a lot of weight for their parts.

Needless to say, this BOTHERS ME.
I wonder what my fitness hero, Jillian Michaels, would have to say about this. She would probably scream at the campers…

What NOT to do at your job interview…

28 Jun

1. Say how your last employer was an asshole.
2. Start anything with the phrase “I am a grown-ass man who….”
3. Take cell phone calls or text in the middle of the interview. YES HE/SHE CAN SEE YOU TEXTING EVEN IF YOU HIDE YOUR HANDS. THIS IS NOT LIKE DRIVING!
4. Lie.
5. Be late… by 24 hrs.
6. Lie again.
7. Flirt with the employer/recruiter (rly how low can u go?).
8. Say that your best traits are your incredibly good looks and (insert sexual phrase here).
9. Tell the employer to “talk to the hand” and hold a hand in front of his or her face.
10. Explain that you got fired from your last job because you “shit on Deborah’s desk… like a boss.”

Basically, DON’T DO THIS:

Obese cannot ride Harry Potter ride

27 Jun

In the new “Wizarding World of Harry Potter” theme park in Orlando, some people are turned away from a particular ride for being too heavy. The ride, “Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey,” uses restraints to keep people in their seats, but the restraints are not able to accommodate larger riders.
One Harry Potter supernerd was 5’8″ and 265 lbs and was turned away from this ride.
He was very upset.
I think he needs to get a trainer, get a nutritionist, go on The Biggest Loser, stop deep frying food and eating out, and do whatever else it takes to lose weight instead of complaining. Typical non-athletic Americans should NOT be this heavy.
By the way, he was not a child or teen; he was a an adult.
Jillian Michaels would disapprove.