ALBINOS ARE IN, I just can’t be with you like this anymore ALEJANDRO

9 Jun

Gaga’s latest video features her with platinum blond hair (of course), almost no eyebrows, deathly pale skin, and light blue contacts. This can only mean one thing. ALBINOS ARE IN.

The video features campy almost nude men stomping (I guess they are soldiers). Then, there is a funeral. Gaga is smoking a pipe (lung cancer is NOT COOL) and has on weird glasses that have covered her eyes.
Then everyone starts dancing. Eventually the almost nude dudes start wrestling and choking each other (umm mk). Then Gaga shows up almost nude, and rope is involved (is this still a music video or Gaga porn?).
Towards the end, Gaga is wearing leather.

This video’s dreary scenery reminds me of the former Soviet Union and ICE. Gaga’s “look” makes me think she is cold, she is so cold she is like ICE. I appreciated her sparkly eyeshadow. I was disappointed with the outfits. They were not outrageous enough. I still want to know how “Telephone’s” story ends…


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