FrontierVille on Facebook, and HOW TO CHEAT!!!

11 Jun

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There is a new game on Facebook called FrontierVille and it is ROCKING MY SOCKS.  It involves pie, logs, horseshoes, and knocking down trees. What I especially like is that you do not need to tend to dirt before planting stuff (Farmville people know what I’m talking about), so they have expedited everything. There are also goals which if you accomplish, you earn coins, and pieces of pie mmmmmmm.
Unfortunately, this game, like all Zynga games, involves real $$$ if you want to “prettify” your Frontier.

If you want to get around this, THERE ARE WAYS.

Instead of nagging your friends to join you, make up like 15 facebook profiles and friend them for the SOLE PURPOSE of gifting yourself and unlocking bonuses on FrontierVille.  EASY.



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