The Church of Bob Saget, WWBSD (What would Bob Saget do?)

13 Jun

Bob Saget loves everyone no matter their race, creed, or sexual orientation.
He forgives you for your sins even if you don’t watch his shitty shows.

We all know you sat in front of your TV every Sunday and watch the almighty Bob Saget show you the funniest home videos ever.
Bob Saget showed you America’s shenanigans.

As the Father, Bob Saget showed you good morals and values in Full House, while Holy Joey made jokes.

By following Bob Saget, you can be saved from spending an eternity with Evil Jessie.
Bob Saget has always known how to bring joy to our hearts and we must worship him.

6 Questions and Answers regarding the almighty Bob Saget:
1. How did the Church of Bob Saget begin?
2. Is Bob Saget really funny?
3. Where can I watch Full House reruns?
4. I am sad. Can Bob Saget help me?
5. How can I find the power of Bob Saget within me?
6. Can only the Church of Bob Saget followers be saved?

1. The Church of Bob Saget began after the showing of Full House.
2. Bob Saget is one of the funniest men alive.
3. You can purchase these on DVDs. It is important to watch Full House episodes and worship the Church of Bob Saget daily.
4. Bob Saget loves everyone and would be glad to save you through his witty humor.
5. You just have to believe.
6. Yes, which is why you should join today.

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