22 Jun

Disclaimer: I was super pissed and harsh when I wrote this. But I waz bein realssss.
1. It’s not innovative.
Seriously? A plane crashes on an island and people try to survive? In this day and age? With GPS, cell phones, and satellites everywhere? BS. And since when does a plane just “turn around” and go off course?
This idea has been played out so many times that I’m sick of it. It’s very cliche and not innovative at all. If I want to watch/read about people getting stuck on an island, I will either watch Gilligan’s Island or read “Lord of the Flies.”

2. The lead characters are ugly.
If I’m going to watch 6 seasons of a show, I at least want the main characters to be somewhat attractive. But no, these are the ugliest characters I have ever seen.
Kate for example:
The only thing she has going for her is that she is thin. That’s it. She has an annoying voice, and she is totally fugly.
Jack: Wrinkles all over. No hair (buzz cut is not hair). Beady eyes. Yeah that’s exactly what is hot these days.
Hurley: …I don’t even know where to begin….
Boone: He looks like he is 12 yrs old.

3. The backstories are ridiculous and horribly written.
Kate felt so “upset” by her father’s abusive behavior that she had “no choice” but to kill him. Really? She’s a good person? No, she is a MURDERER and should be in jail. There is NO EXCUSE for killing someone.
Sawyer took another guy’s name who ruined his life? That’s not normal and he needs therapy.

4. The reason why they are on the island after six seasons is total BS.
Everyone is “flawed in some way.” Is that really the best they can do after six seasons of dragging on a show that should have been canceled after the pilot???

5. The characters themselves are poorly developed and not believable.
Jack: Since when is a surgeon this young?
Kate: A young skinny girl kills her father, randomly moves to Australia, etc.
Claire: A pregnant woman was told not give her baby up to ANYONE by a PSYCHIC???

6. Some whole seasons of the show are described by fans as “boring” and “filler seasons.”
If this show was really that great, there would not be a need for boring episodes and filler seasons.

7. LOST was dragged out for way too long, and each episode could have been cut shorter.
Some of the episodes of this show dragged on and on and on. They could have easily cut out a good 20-30 minutes without losing anything important from every episode. Also, all of the information given over this series should have been condensed to 3 seasons. 6 seasons was just overkill.

8. Nothing interesting happens in the beginning of the show so they add time travel.
People think the idea of magic and time travel on this show is amazing. I think the LOST writers couldn’t think of anything better to talk about, and were losing viewers, so they threw this in as a last resort. I just wish they had given up and allowed themselves to get canceled.

9. The story, and hallucinations they see only makes sense if all the castaways are high.
This show would have been a lot more interesting if all the cast members were high the whole time.

10. The show’s concept is depressing.
Random people get killed. There is a struggle between good and bad. There was a plane crash and rotting bodies. If I want to get stressed out or upset over something, I will watch the news, not a show like LOST.

In summary, LOST could have been a much better show if the episodes were cut in half, there were fewer seasons, there were better storylines, and everyone on the island was high. Then maybe this show would not be so boring. When it comes to time travel Doctor Who>>>>>>>Lost.
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