DOCTOR WHO S5 FINALE!!! (Spoilers) “Something Old something new something borrowed and something BLUE”

26 Jun

*********SPOILER ALERT*********
This episode was a TOTAL MINDFUCK!!! Who is Dr. Song??? AHHH, maybe she is an EVIL TIMELORD from the old school Who episodes.
I am blown away by the epicness of this episode.
Time and stars are erased because of the riff the TARDIS causes in space and time. Many civilizations are “deleted” and history is being unwritten and erased. The Dr. gets out of the Pandorica as the future Doctor pops into the past and gives Rory his sonic screwdriver. Rory uses the screwdriver to unlock his time’s Doctor from the Pandorica. The Doctor switches places with Amy Pond because she was shot in the last episode and apparently the Pandorica doesn’t let anyone die or age. Amy Pond is locked for 2000 yrs until they find a way to get little Amy Pond to pass on her DNA and revive adult Amy from death. In this 2000 yr time period, the plastic Rory who does not age guards the Pandorica for the entire 2000 yr span. HOW ROMANTIC………………..

So what is the solution to time being unwritten? For the Dr to LIE to everyone and at the end, fly the Pandorica directly into the burning TARDIS. Atoms from pre-TARDIS explosion were in the Pandorica. These atoms were used to recreate the deleted universe, but at the expense of losing the Doctor.

Amy Pond and Rory (“Mr. Pond” hahaha) FINALLY get married. But they keep feeling like they’ve forgotten something. Amy Pond also gets her parents back (they were gone before because of the crack in her wall). River Song drops off her “spoilers” notebook with a picture of the TARDIS on it. Amy starts crying for what seemed like no reason. Then she remembered her childhood “imaginary friend” the Doctor, and somehow this recreates the Doctor and his TARDIS. The Doctor dances at the wedding then gets back into his TARDIS.
The season ended with a cliff hanger and will not be back until the Christmas Special.


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