What NOT to do at your job interview…

28 Jun

1. Say how your last employer was an asshole.
2. Start anything with the phrase “I am a grown-ass man who….”
3. Take cell phone calls or text in the middle of the interview. YES HE/SHE CAN SEE YOU TEXTING EVEN IF YOU HIDE YOUR HANDS. THIS IS NOT LIKE DRIVING!
4. Lie.
5. Be late… by 24 hrs.
6. Lie again.
7. Flirt with the employer/recruiter (rly how low can u go?).
8. Say that your best traits are your incredibly good looks and (insert sexual phrase here).
9. Tell the employer to “talk to the hand” and hold a hand in front of his or her face.
10. Explain that you got fired from your last job because you “shit on Deborah’s desk… like a boss.”

Basically, DON’T DO THIS:


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