Katy Perry and Lady Gaga Feud

29 Jun

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Recently, Katy Perry made a tweet that “blasphemy as entertainment is as cheap as a comedian making fart jokes.” This was in reference to Lady Gaga’s most recent “Alejandro” video, which combined Catholic imagery with sex. Katy Perry has a lot of nerve to call Gaga’s art “cheap.” PERRY is the straight girl who made a song about how she “Kissed a Girl and Liked It.” She also recently posed topless for Esquire. And SHE’S calling GAGA CHEAP????!!!!!
I would also like to point out how a majority of Katy Perry’s fans tend to be men who are obsessed with her chest size. Considering that is how she has derived her popularity with ALL of her male fans (except maybe the gay dudes), WHO IS THE CHEAP ONE NOW???
Gaga’s videos are ART! If Katy Perry can’t handle that, then she is not cut out for pop music and the return of GLAM.
By the way, I have heard that Katy Perry’s fiance, Russell Brand makes LOADS of fart jokes; so many that she even tweets about it. Katy Perry needs to stop being jealous of Gaga.  For Gaga, when it comes to interviews, SHE KEEPS THINGS CLASSY. Katy Perry, on the other hand, talks about THREE-WAYS. In ten yrs, Perry will be forgotten. In ten yrs, Gaga will be a legend.
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