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Real Housewives of NYC – Alex is batsh*t crazy!

18 Jun

I just saw the latest episode of the Real Housewives of New York City. I must say that alex is absolutely nuts. I’m tired of seeing her get involved with other people’s friendships, and basically sabotaging other people’s chances at making up. Last season, she RUINED Bethanny and Jill’s attempt at making up, and this season, she tried to ruin Jill and Ramona’s friendship? Why can’t these ladies (Alex) let each other speak for themselves in each of their friendships? Louann might be a bit condescending at times, but I’m with her on this. Alex has no place getting involved. Alex is generally irritating…


Keanu Reeves + Kristen Stewart = Best Hollywood Combo Evr?

29 Aug

Some characteristics describing each star:
Keanu Reeves
-no variation in voice
-long eyelashes
-blank stare

Kristen Stewart
-mumbles a lot
-blank stare
-not very “deep”

What would happen if Kristen Stewart and Keanu Reeves had bebes? They would have very beautiful, yet empty-minded children.
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Matt Bellamy + Kate Hudson = ????!!!!

6 Jul

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Matt Bellamy, the brilliant lead singer of MUSE has a new “beau”… Kate Hudson.
How did this combination even happen??? They are already introducing each other to their parents. Prior to Hudson, Bellamy used to be in a relationship from 2001-2007, and engaged from 2007 to 2010, to Italian model, Gaia Polloni.
Bellamy meeting someone new isn’t all that shocking. But getting this serious with someone he just met is.
Out of all the girls DYING to be with him, he chose KATE HUDSON??? HOW DID THIS HAPPEN???
If she messes with his creativity, I WILL BE PISSED.
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Megan Fox gets married and Megan Fox is DONE

3 Jul

Recently, Megan Fox got married to Brian Austen Green (whoever that guy is), who is 12 years older than her.  Their marriage seems random, especially when considering Megan Fox’s negative views regarding marriage.

Of course, this means that a lot of the Megan Fox fans are moving on, and she is losing her popularity (although this may also be due to her rubbish acting).

I’m kind of glad Megan Fox is losing popularity.  I was getting tired of seeing her in every celeb magazine with her mouth hanging open.  EVERY SINGLE PICTURE I have ever seen of Megan Fox shows her with her mouth hanging open.  Seriously, WHAT IS UP WITH THIS GIRL AND HER MOUTH???

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Note the gum in this last picture….

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I don’t get it.  She is a pretty girl– but WHY does she think she needs to make her mouth hang open in EVERY SINGLE PHOTO???

It’s NOT SEXY and is SO ANNOYING.  AHHHHHHHHHH!  Maybe she is trying to be like Angelina with her random marriage (Billy Bob + Angelina), etc; BUT SHE WILL NEVER BE LIKE ANGELINA!!!  I’m guessing her next stop is adopting needy children…

I wonder how she chews her food?  ewww….