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Mixed feelings on new GaGa :( y I might leave the Haus of Gaga

18 Jun

I’m not too cray cray about Lady Gaga’s new album–in fact, I’m so “meh” about the new album that I may remove it as my “religion” on facebook. Yes, I am being completely cereal!
But in all seriousness, what the hell happened to my dear Gaga? This album is weird, and not in the good way. I usually keep an open mind when it comes to music, and I listen to pretty much anything. I’ve listened to music as bizzare as Bjork and Radiohead and liked it. I’ve been a fan of obscure indie songs, mainstream pop songs, rap, hip hop, dance, trance, and so on. Unfortunately, this new Gaga album isn’t growing on me. 😦 I love Gaga, but I may have to find a new idol due to this monstrosity. I never really liked 80s Madonna, so why should 80s throwback Gaga be any different.

Here is a summary of her album: It sounds like Gaga took a time machine back to a 1970s gay discoteque in Germany, where all the men wear assless leather chaps. No, this is not a good thing to me.


Real Housewives of NYC – Alex is batsh*t crazy!

18 Jun

I just saw the latest episode of the Real Housewives of New York City. I must say that alex is absolutely nuts. I’m tired of seeing her get involved with other people’s friendships, and basically sabotaging other people’s chances at making up. Last season, she RUINED Bethanny and Jill’s attempt at making up, and this season, she tried to ruin Jill and Ramona’s friendship? Why can’t these ladies (Alex) let each other speak for themselves in each of their friendships? Louann might be a bit condescending at times, but I’m with her on this. Alex has no place getting involved. Alex is generally irritating…

Is Lady Gaga a MAN? PROOF that she isn’t…

3 Jul

Rumors have been circulating for a while that Lady Gaga is really a hermaphrodite.  Gaga fans know this rumor is complete BULLOCKS, and I, as a Gaga fan, feel that it is within my duty to disprove this rumor.

Here are some reasons/proofs that Lady Gaga is NOT a man…

1. She is an attention whore.

She THRIVES on publicity, whether it is good or bad.  If Lady Gaga was really a man, she would have shown her d!*k off by now.  She would EMBRACE her manhood; that is just the type of person she is.

2. The “proof” that she is a man could easily be something else…

The picture that has been circulating, showing her “manhood” looks more like a pad.  Lady Gaga is a woman.  She gets periods.  Some women use pads, while others use tampons.  She was probably using a pad that day.  Every girl KNOWS that wearing tight fitting clothing is never a good idea when wearing pads because they show awkward bumps like in the picture below. If that was really a d!ck, the size would be comparable to that of Napoleon’s.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

3. She looks flat… down there…

If you look at Gaga’s music videos and pictures, she is frequently only in underwear or underwear-like clothing (Madonna must be so proud).  It’s not like she can have a penis one day and take a break the next day.
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4. Jealous people are haters.

It’s interesting how she was considered “hot” when she released the “Just Dance” video, but now that she has explored her deeper, more artistic side, she is a “tranny.”  This can only be the work of jealous haters.

5. She loves the gays.

Gaga embraces the gays.  She gives them her full support.  She would have admitted to being a transsexual if it was really true.

6. Tight clothing and weird clothing material brings on erections.

The type of clothes that Gaga typically wears are made of interesting materials. When guys wear clothes like these, they get erections. With all the video and camera footage of Gaga up everywhere, there is NO EVIDENCE of her having an erection.

Real Housewives of New Jersey

18 Jun

These ladies are kinda rough compared to the Real Housewives of NYC. Like too rough. I couldn’t really get into the show, but here are my biased opinions of some of the characters…

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-She is a robot who is STARING INTO MY SOUL!!!!!!!!!! MUST CHANGE THE CHANNEL NOW!!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
-She’s super tight with her kids. I respect that. Word.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
-Ummmmmm she’s kind of butch……..

-Who??? She is highly forgettable.

-Italians r pretty cool.

Real Housewives of NYC, Liek OMG AL SHARPTON

18 Jun

My opinions of each housewife……..

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-That betch is CRAZEEEEE!
-I feel kind of bad for her; her divorce really messed her up.
-Is it just me, or does she sound and kinda look like a dude?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
-Really immature.
-Loves listening to the sound of her own voice.
-Attacks other people then plays victim.
-Only wants things her own way.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
-Is a mean beeooootch.
-Says she doesn’t want drama, yet she’s normally the one starting it.
-Has a creepy and vicious lip curl.
-Way too stiff, needs to loosen up.
-“I need to deliver a message” Seriously??? That was LAME.

-Kind of rude and in your face, but that’s just how she is.
-Loves gossip.
-Tries to be a better person but fails. 😦
-Is too good for Bethenny anyway.

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-Not a good friend.
-Is kinda boring.

-Loves playing both fields of friendships.
-Gives good-ish advice but still fraternizes with the enemy.
-Her voice isn’t that good, but singing is usually about the attitude.

-Is obsessed with sex.
-Does size rly make a difference? I bet Sonja could answer that…
-“I have a taste for c0ck and c0ck has a taste for me”
Okay she didn’t RLY say that but it sounds like something she would say.

ALBINOS ARE IN, I just can’t be with you like this anymore ALEJANDRO

9 Jun

Gaga’s latest video features her with platinum blond hair (of course), almost no eyebrows, deathly pale skin, and light blue contacts. This can only mean one thing. ALBINOS ARE IN.

The video features campy almost nude men stomping (I guess they are soldiers). Then, there is a funeral. Gaga is smoking a pipe (lung cancer is NOT COOL) and has on weird glasses that have covered her eyes.
Then everyone starts dancing. Eventually the almost nude dudes start wrestling and choking each other (umm mk). Then Gaga shows up almost nude, and rope is involved (is this still a music video or Gaga porn?).
Towards the end, Gaga is wearing leather.

This video’s dreary scenery reminds me of the former Soviet Union and ICE. Gaga’s “look” makes me think she is cold, she is so cold she is like ICE. I appreciated her sparkly eyeshadow. I was disappointed with the outfits. They were not outrageous enough. I still want to know how “Telephone’s” story ends…

John Lydon AKA Johnny Rotten and Butter, what has punk come to?

5 Jun

For people who don’t know, John Lydon, formally known as Johnny Rotten, led the 1970s punk band, the Sex Pistols. He used to sing songs like “God Save the Queen.” Now, he is selling English butter. What has punk come to?
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