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Real Housewives of NYC – Alex is batsh*t crazy!

18 Jun

I just saw the latest episode of the Real Housewives of New York City. I must say that alex is absolutely nuts. I’m tired of seeing her get involved with other people’s friendships, and basically sabotaging other people’s chances at making up. Last season, she RUINED Bethanny and Jill’s attempt at making up, and this season, she tried to ruin Jill and Ramona’s friendship? Why can’t these ladies (Alex) let each other speak for themselves in each of their friendships? Louann might be a bit condescending at times, but I’m with her on this. Alex has no place getting involved. Alex is generally irritating…


“Huge” – a show that says it’s ok to be obese = WTF

28 Jun

Huge is a new TV series on ABC Family with a bunch of obese teenagers who have been sent to the camp to lose weight. The lead character, Will (played by Nikki Blonsky), refuses to lose weight and says she is “ok” with her size. She also leads an underground candy/junk food ring, causing other people to stay overweight too.

Being the exercise and health food nazi that I am, I have SEVERAL issues with this show. First of all, WTF. America is already obese enough as is. The LAST thing obese people need is a TV show telling them that their weight is OK. AHHHHHHHHHH!!! IT’S NOT OK!!! THEY NEED TO BECOME HEALTHIER!!!

And it’s not like the people on this show are slightly over their BMI… they are GROSSLY OBESE. Obesity is the most preventable cause of health issues in America. It leads to heart disease, type II diabetes, and an early death. This is the first time in history that the current generation of Americans may NOT OUTLIVE THEIR PARENTS. Health experts attribute this issue to OBESITY. And although BMI is not perfect, I would say it gives an accurate weight range people should be within.

Let me just say that losing weight is not easy… initially. But after about a month or two of regular exercise and weight training, it becomes a lot easier and the weight just starts coming off. Endocrine problems exist but they are rare.
I think that ABC Family has acted irresponsibly in allowing a show like this. The show should be about how the obese want to get more fit and down to a healthy weight, NOT how they’d like to stay overweight and do absolutely NO EXERCISE because they “like the way” they look. Whether or not someone likes being overweight doesn’t matter, but the HEALTH ISSUES do. Additionally, I’m guessing they made the actors/actresses on this show gain a lot of weight for their parts.

Needless to say, this BOTHERS ME.
I wonder what my fitness hero, Jillian Michaels, would have to say about this. She would probably scream at the campers…

DOCTOR WHO S5 FINALE!!! (Spoilers) “Something Old something new something borrowed and something BLUE”

26 Jun

*********SPOILER ALERT*********
This episode was a TOTAL MINDFUCK!!! Who is Dr. Song??? AHHH, maybe she is an EVIL TIMELORD from the old school Who episodes.
I am blown away by the epicness of this episode.
Time and stars are erased because of the riff the TARDIS causes in space and time. Many civilizations are “deleted” and history is being unwritten and erased. The Dr. gets out of the Pandorica as the future Doctor pops into the past and gives Rory his sonic screwdriver. Rory uses the screwdriver to unlock his time’s Doctor from the Pandorica. The Doctor switches places with Amy Pond because she was shot in the last episode and apparently the Pandorica doesn’t let anyone die or age. Amy Pond is locked for 2000 yrs until they find a way to get little Amy Pond to pass on her DNA and revive adult Amy from death. In this 2000 yr time period, the plastic Rory who does not age guards the Pandorica for the entire 2000 yr span. HOW ROMANTIC………………..

So what is the solution to time being unwritten? For the Dr to LIE to everyone and at the end, fly the Pandorica directly into the burning TARDIS. Atoms from pre-TARDIS explosion were in the Pandorica. These atoms were used to recreate the deleted universe, but at the expense of losing the Doctor.

Amy Pond and Rory (“Mr. Pond” hahaha) FINALLY get married. But they keep feeling like they’ve forgotten something. Amy Pond also gets her parents back (they were gone before because of the crack in her wall). River Song drops off her “spoilers” notebook with a picture of the TARDIS on it. Amy starts crying for what seemed like no reason. Then she remembered her childhood “imaginary friend” the Doctor, and somehow this recreates the Doctor and his TARDIS. The Doctor dances at the wedding then gets back into his TARDIS.
The season ended with a cliff hanger and will not be back until the Christmas Special.

Doctor Who Ep 12: (Spoilers) AMY POND IS DEAD AHHHHHHHHH

20 Jun

I just watched episode 12 of Doctor Who and AMY IS DEAD. RORY HOW COULD YOU DO THIS???
and what is with RORY being a ROBOT???!!! I’ve known it from the start; ROBOTS will be behind the apocalypse. I have a hard time believing that a Doctor Who companion will be killed off. We will see in next week’s finale. Maybe Amy will slip through the crack with Rory together, and they can both NOT EXIST together.
There must have been a reason she was shot….
I still think River Song may be the Doctor’s daughter. That is the ONLY explanation for her closeness with him.
How will all the enemies who have bonded together save the universe? That is an odd twist.

Real Housewives of New Jersey

18 Jun

These ladies are kinda rough compared to the Real Housewives of NYC. Like too rough. I couldn’t really get into the show, but here are my biased opinions of some of the characters…

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-She is a robot who is STARING INTO MY SOUL!!!!!!!!!! MUST CHANGE THE CHANNEL NOW!!!

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-She’s super tight with her kids. I respect that. Word.

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-Ummmmmm she’s kind of butch……..

-Who??? She is highly forgettable.

-Italians r pretty cool.

Real Housewives of NYC, Liek OMG AL SHARPTON

18 Jun

My opinions of each housewife……..

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-That betch is CRAZEEEEE!
-I feel kind of bad for her; her divorce really messed her up.
-Is it just me, or does she sound and kinda look like a dude?

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-Really immature.
-Loves listening to the sound of her own voice.
-Attacks other people then plays victim.
-Only wants things her own way.

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-Is a mean beeooootch.
-Says she doesn’t want drama, yet she’s normally the one starting it.
-Has a creepy and vicious lip curl.
-Way too stiff, needs to loosen up.
-“I need to deliver a message” Seriously??? That was LAME.

-Kind of rude and in your face, but that’s just how she is.
-Loves gossip.
-Tries to be a better person but fails. 😦
-Is too good for Bethenny anyway.

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-Not a good friend.
-Is kinda boring.

-Loves playing both fields of friendships.
-Gives good-ish advice but still fraternizes with the enemy.
-Her voice isn’t that good, but singing is usually about the attitude.

-Is obsessed with sex.
-Does size rly make a difference? I bet Sonja could answer that…
-“I have a taste for c0ck and c0ck has a taste for me”
Okay she didn’t RLY say that but it sounds like something she would say.