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Real Housewives of NYC – Alex is batsh*t crazy!

18 Jun

I just saw the latest episode of the Real Housewives of New York City. I must say that alex is absolutely nuts. I’m tired of seeing her get involved with other people’s friendships, and basically sabotaging other people’s chances at making up. Last season, she RUINED Bethanny and Jill’s attempt at making up, and this season, she tried to ruin Jill and Ramona’s friendship? Why can’t these ladies (Alex) let each other speak for themselves in each of their friendships? Louann might be a bit condescending at times, but I’m with her on this. Alex has no place getting involved. Alex is generally irritating…


Lady Gaga on Larry King and her new hair style

2 Jun

Lady Gaga was recently on Larry King’s show. First I thought her sunglasses were falling off her face because they looked lopsided. They weren’t. She was dressed as a young Larry King.
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Oh Gaga, why must you tease me with this Alejandro sneak peak?

I do not like Lady Gaga’s new hairstyle. She looks like a blond mushroom from the 80s. 😦
Her clothes in this video do not look crazy enough, but knowing Gaga, she will probably wear 20++ outfits throughout the video.