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How to get rid of HDD Low Rogue Malware

3 Jan

My laptop was recently infected with the malware, HDD Low.  Here is a foolproof way on how to get rid of it.

1. Restart computer and run safe mode with networking.  On XP, that means you press and hold “F8” during the restart.

2. Install Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.


Make sure you update the database before doing anything else.

3. Run a full scan of your C drive.  This may take a while. Note: DO NOT restart after the scan is over!

4. Delete anything that has been detected.  Mine detected around 10 problems.

5. Next, install CCleaner.


Make sure the “Cleaner” option (as opposed to registry etc) is selected.  Make sure all the boxes are checked off.  Click “options” on the side, click “advanced,” and uncheck “Only delete files in the temp folder older than 24 hrs.”

6.  Click on “Cleaner” again, and run “analyze.”

7.  Next “run cleaner.”

8. You should be HDD Low-free as of this point!

9. As an added precaution, download a registry repair program to fix any problems in your registry.  Make sure you set a restore point before using a registry repair program, in case anything important gets deleted.  I used this one:



How to Remove Antivirus Soft from Windows

29 May

Antivirus Soft is a fake spyware removing form of malware, that stops you from running any programs or antispyware to remove it.  My computer was hijacked by this malware the other day and I thought I would make an easy how-to guide on how to remove it.

1. Restart computer

2. During startup, press and hold “F8.”

3. Choose to run computer in “safe mode with networking.”  This will stop your computer from loading programs that normally load during start-up, including Antivirus Soft, while still allowing you to access the internet.

4. Download Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware.  This program is free for scanning and removing malware.  If you want real-time protection, you can purchase a subscription, but this is not necessary.

Choose “Download Free Version”:


5. Install the Malwarebytes program, and run any needed updates.

6. Perform a “Full-scan” with the Malwarebytes program.  This took me around 30 mins.  Go get some coffee or something to eat during this time.

7. Delete any forms of malware that were found.

8. Restart computer and load normally.

9. You are now Antivirus Soft-free!