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Mixed feelings on new GaGa :( y I might leave the Haus of Gaga

18 Jun

I’m not too cray cray about Lady Gaga’s new album–in fact, I’m so “meh” about the new album that I may remove it as my “religion” on facebook. Yes, I am being completely cereal!
But in all seriousness, what the hell happened to my dear Gaga? This album is weird, and not in the good way. I usually keep an open mind when it comes to music, and I listen to pretty much anything. I’ve listened to music as bizzare as Bjork and Radiohead and liked it. I’ve been a fan of obscure indie songs, mainstream pop songs, rap, hip hop, dance, trance, and so on. Unfortunately, this new Gaga album isn’t growing on me. 😦 I love Gaga, but I may have to find a new idol due to this monstrosity. I never really liked 80s Madonna, so why should 80s throwback Gaga be any different.

Here is a summary of her album: It sounds like Gaga took a time machine back to a 1970s gay discoteque in Germany, where all the men wear assless leather chaps. No, this is not a good thing to me.


Sir Bob Geldof is an ASSHOLE; death of Mother of INXS

7 Dec

I am a HUGE INXS fan, and just recently found out that Michael Hutchence’s (the former lead singer of INXS who died during the 90s) mother, Patricia Hutchence, died on September 22nd, 2010.  For those of you who don’t know, Michael Hutchence had a daughter, Tiger Lily, with Paula Yates.

Both parents died; Michael died from suicide (contested) in 97, and Yates died from a heroin overdose in 2000.  Before committing suicide, Michael was reported to have said that he could not bear to be away from his baby (Tiger Lily) any longer (Paula Yates had taken the child away).  After both parents’ deaths, Tiger Lily’s custody was given to Bob Geldof so that she could grow up with her half sisters.  Ever since Michael’s death, Tiger has only been allowed to visit her grandparents (Michael’s parents) a HANDFUL of times.  Geldof has refused to allow Tiger Lily’s grandparents to see her.  Now imagine, Patricia Hutchence and her husband already lost their son to a tragedy… and this JERK wouldn’t even let them see the ONLY REMAINDER of Michael that this world has left…  TIGER???


This makes me FURIOUS!  Who does BOB GELDOF think he is???  He’s not the child’s true father!  I’m guessing he HATED Michael, and has probably filled this poor child’s head with LIES about who her daddy really was!  Why won’t he let Tiger Lily see her real family?  Various members of Hutchance’s family have TRIED to either gain custody of or to see Tiger Lily.  WHY WON’T HE GRANT THEIR WISH???  THEY’VE ALREADY LOST MICHAEL!  I bet he only wants the MONEY that Tiger Lily’s estate has to offer.

BOB GELDOF IS A SHIT HUMAN BEING AND A SHITTY ARTIST.  HE THINKS HE’S SO GREAT???  I had never even HEARD of him until I found out who had custody of Tiger; THAT’S how unpopular he is across the globe.

Sir Bob Geldof, ALLOW Tiger Lily to see what’s left of her family before it’s too late, or else the world will continue to think of you as a worthless and cruel POS.

Justin is a saaaaaad Bieber :'(

30 Aug

When Justin sings, it looks like he is crying.

Why so sad, Bieber?

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Youtube Haterz need to drink their HATERADE

12 Jul

It seems as though every single music video I watch on Youtube, these days, has a bunch of haters writing comments on it. Seriously people, either enjoy the music or get a life, and get off your high horse.  No one’s music is necessarily “better” than another’s.  Musical taste is entirely subjective.

Most of the angry comments are directed towards Justin Bieber.  The other angry comments are usually made in regards to how many “dislikes” were made for a particular video.
Here are some examples of comments I’ve seen:
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Why do people hate Bieber so much? He’s not THAT bad; he just sounds like a girl. And once his voice changes, I’m sure a lot of people’s opinions will change as well. True he is no John Lennon/Freddie Mercury/ Whatever, but who cares? LET IT GO!!!

Semi Precious Weapons = Return of Glam and Scandelous SHOES

7 Jul

Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball Tour features Semi Precious Weapons as the opening act.
After seeing them, all I have to say is that I LOVE the lead singer’s SHOES!!!  And I’m digging the way they sound.  Their style is very 70s Bowie-esque…

The lead guy was also crazy enough to strip and change in front of everyone while on stage.  Right before they left the stage, they mentioned they would sell their albums “in exchange for pictures and sexual favors…”  THEY ARE CRAZY! I would also like to point out that you can see the lead singer in the restaurant scene in Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” video…

Some good tracks by them are “Put a Diamond in It,” “Magnetic Baby,” and “Sticky With Champagne.”

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Matt Bellamy + Kate Hudson = ????!!!!

6 Jul

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Matt Bellamy, the brilliant lead singer of MUSE has a new “beau”… Kate Hudson.
How did this combination even happen??? They are already introducing each other to their parents. Prior to Hudson, Bellamy used to be in a relationship from 2001-2007, and engaged from 2007 to 2010, to Italian model, Gaia Polloni.
Bellamy meeting someone new isn’t all that shocking. But getting this serious with someone he just met is.
Out of all the girls DYING to be with him, he chose KATE HUDSON??? HOW DID THIS HAPPEN???
If she messes with his creativity, I WILL BE PISSED.
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Is Lady Gaga a MAN? PROOF that she isn’t…

3 Jul

Rumors have been circulating for a while that Lady Gaga is really a hermaphrodite.  Gaga fans know this rumor is complete BULLOCKS, and I, as a Gaga fan, feel that it is within my duty to disprove this rumor.

Here are some reasons/proofs that Lady Gaga is NOT a man…

1. She is an attention whore.

She THRIVES on publicity, whether it is good or bad.  If Lady Gaga was really a man, she would have shown her d!*k off by now.  She would EMBRACE her manhood; that is just the type of person she is.

2. The “proof” that she is a man could easily be something else…

The picture that has been circulating, showing her “manhood” looks more like a pad.  Lady Gaga is a woman.  She gets periods.  Some women use pads, while others use tampons.  She was probably using a pad that day.  Every girl KNOWS that wearing tight fitting clothing is never a good idea when wearing pads because they show awkward bumps like in the picture below. If that was really a d!ck, the size would be comparable to that of Napoleon’s.
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3. She looks flat… down there…

If you look at Gaga’s music videos and pictures, she is frequently only in underwear or underwear-like clothing (Madonna must be so proud).  It’s not like she can have a penis one day and take a break the next day.
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4. Jealous people are haters.

It’s interesting how she was considered “hot” when she released the “Just Dance” video, but now that she has explored her deeper, more artistic side, she is a “tranny.”  This can only be the work of jealous haters.

5. She loves the gays.

Gaga embraces the gays.  She gives them her full support.  She would have admitted to being a transsexual if it was really true.

6. Tight clothing and weird clothing material brings on erections.

The type of clothes that Gaga typically wears are made of interesting materials. When guys wear clothes like these, they get erections. With all the video and camera footage of Gaga up everywhere, there is NO EVIDENCE of her having an erection.