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Mixed feelings on new GaGa :( y I might leave the Haus of Gaga

18 Jun

I’m not too cray cray about Lady Gaga’s new album–in fact, I’m so “meh” about the new album that I may remove it as my “religion” on facebook. Yes, I am being completely cereal!
But in all seriousness, what the hell happened to my dear Gaga? This album is weird, and not in the good way. I usually keep an open mind when it comes to music, and I listen to pretty much anything. I’ve listened to music as bizzare as Bjork and Radiohead and liked it. I’ve been a fan of obscure indie songs, mainstream pop songs, rap, hip hop, dance, trance, and so on. Unfortunately, this new Gaga album isn’t growing on me. 😦 I love Gaga, but I may have to find a new idol due to this monstrosity. I never really liked 80s Madonna, so why should 80s throwback Gaga be any different.

Here is a summary of her album: It sounds like Gaga took a time machine back to a 1970s gay discoteque in Germany, where all the men wear assless leather chaps. No, this is not a good thing to me.


iPhone 4 Antenna Issues? this is why the Droid >>>> iPhone 4

30 Jun

The recently released iPhone 4 is already having issues.  Users have experienced poor reception, weak signals, and dropped calls.  Left-handed people are much more prone to dropped signals as their hands tend to cover the left corner of the iPhone.

After many users spent several hours in line, waiting for the iPhone’s release, and have shelled out $200-300 for the phone alone, what is Apple’s solution?  To hold the phone in a “correct way” to minimize chances of losing a signal.

A solution iPhone users have discovered involves taping parts of the antenna.

********************THE DROID WINS AGAIN********************

I can only imagine iPhone 4 users must be PISSED: