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Sir Bob Geldof is an ASSHOLE; death of Mother of INXS

7 Dec

I am a HUGE INXS fan, and just recently found out that Michael Hutchence’s (the former lead singer of INXS who died during the 90s) mother, Patricia Hutchence, died on September 22nd, 2010.  For those of you who don’t know, Michael Hutchence had a daughter, Tiger Lily, with Paula Yates.

Both parents died; Michael died from suicide (contested) in 97, and Yates died from a heroin overdose in 2000.  Before committing suicide, Michael was reported to have said that he could not bear to be away from his baby (Tiger Lily) any longer (Paula Yates had taken the child away).  After both parents’ deaths, Tiger Lily’s custody was given to Bob Geldof so that she could grow up with her half sisters.  Ever since Michael’s death, Tiger has only been allowed to visit her grandparents (Michael’s parents) a HANDFUL of times.  Geldof has refused to allow Tiger Lily’s grandparents to see her.  Now imagine, Patricia Hutchence and her husband already lost their son to a tragedy… and this JERK wouldn’t even let them see the ONLY REMAINDER of Michael that this world has left…  TIGER???


This makes me FURIOUS!  Who does BOB GELDOF think he is???  He’s not the child’s true father!  I’m guessing he HATED Michael, and has probably filled this poor child’s head with LIES about who her daddy really was!  Why won’t he let Tiger Lily see her real family?  Various members of Hutchance’s family have TRIED to either gain custody of or to see Tiger Lily.  WHY WON’T HE GRANT THEIR WISH???  THEY’VE ALREADY LOST MICHAEL!  I bet he only wants the MONEY that Tiger Lily’s estate has to offer.

BOB GELDOF IS A SHIT HUMAN BEING AND A SHITTY ARTIST.  HE THINKS HE’S SO GREAT???  I had never even HEARD of him until I found out who had custody of Tiger; THAT’S how unpopular he is across the globe.

Sir Bob Geldof, ALLOW Tiger Lily to see what’s left of her family before it’s too late, or else the world will continue to think of you as a worthless and cruel POS.


Tales of WTF-ery on Craigslist and Youtube

3 Aug

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Why moms shouldn’t be on facebook

23 Jul

Dear Moms,
Please get off of Facebook so that I do not have to witness your comments over celebrities you lust over.

The Penguin
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Craigslist Fail

12 Jul

Sometimes I browse through Craigslist relationship posts to laugh at the amusing ones.  Some people have weird fetishes.  Here are some funny posts I found this week:

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Youtube Haterz need to drink their HATERADE

12 Jul

It seems as though every single music video I watch on Youtube, these days, has a bunch of haters writing comments on it. Seriously people, either enjoy the music or get a life, and get off your high horse.  No one’s music is necessarily “better” than another’s.  Musical taste is entirely subjective.

Most of the angry comments are directed towards Justin Bieber.  The other angry comments are usually made in regards to how many “dislikes” were made for a particular video.
Here are some examples of comments I’ve seen:
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Why do people hate Bieber so much? He’s not THAT bad; he just sounds like a girl. And once his voice changes, I’m sure a lot of people’s opinions will change as well. True he is no John Lennon/Freddie Mercury/ Whatever, but who cares? LET IT GO!!!

Matt Bellamy + Kate Hudson = ????!!!!

6 Jul

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Matt Bellamy, the brilliant lead singer of MUSE has a new “beau”… Kate Hudson.
How did this combination even happen??? They are already introducing each other to their parents. Prior to Hudson, Bellamy used to be in a relationship from 2001-2007, and engaged from 2007 to 2010, to Italian model, Gaia Polloni.
Bellamy meeting someone new isn’t all that shocking. But getting this serious with someone he just met is.
Out of all the girls DYING to be with him, he chose KATE HUDSON??? HOW DID THIS HAPPEN???
If she messes with his creativity, I WILL BE PISSED.
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“Huge” – a show that says it’s ok to be obese = WTF

28 Jun

Huge is a new TV series on ABC Family with a bunch of obese teenagers who have been sent to the camp to lose weight. The lead character, Will (played by Nikki Blonsky), refuses to lose weight and says she is “ok” with her size. She also leads an underground candy/junk food ring, causing other people to stay overweight too.

Being the exercise and health food nazi that I am, I have SEVERAL issues with this show. First of all, WTF. America is already obese enough as is. The LAST thing obese people need is a TV show telling them that their weight is OK. AHHHHHHHHHH!!! IT’S NOT OK!!! THEY NEED TO BECOME HEALTHIER!!!

And it’s not like the people on this show are slightly over their BMI… they are GROSSLY OBESE. Obesity is the most preventable cause of health issues in America. It leads to heart disease, type II diabetes, and an early death. This is the first time in history that the current generation of Americans may NOT OUTLIVE THEIR PARENTS. Health experts attribute this issue to OBESITY. And although BMI is not perfect, I would say it gives an accurate weight range people should be within.

Let me just say that losing weight is not easy… initially. But after about a month or two of regular exercise and weight training, it becomes a lot easier and the weight just starts coming off. Endocrine problems exist but they are rare.
I think that ABC Family has acted irresponsibly in allowing a show like this. The show should be about how the obese want to get more fit and down to a healthy weight, NOT how they’d like to stay overweight and do absolutely NO EXERCISE because they “like the way” they look. Whether or not someone likes being overweight doesn’t matter, but the HEALTH ISSUES do. Additionally, I’m guessing they made the actors/actresses on this show gain a lot of weight for their parts.

Needless to say, this BOTHERS ME.
I wonder what my fitness hero, Jillian Michaels, would have to say about this. She would probably scream at the campers…